Strong Squad

Meet the team behind Strong Coffee.

Adam Von Rothfelder - Strong Coffee Company

Adam Von Rothfelder

A former professional fighter and gym owner, Adam moved to LA where he modeled for Versace, trained the world's most powerful businessmen, and launched Strong Coffee Company.

Ryan Munsey - Strong Coffee Company

Ryan Munsey

A former gym owner and strength coach, Ryan has a degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition, is the author of F*ck Your Feelings, and host of the Better Human Project podcast.

Orion Barca - Strong Coffee Company

Orion Barca

More than 3 decades of CFO experience in the entrepreneurial landscape with significant M & A experience.

Jason Kobishop - Strong Coffee Company
Art Director/Dev

Jason Kobishop

Graphic designer, web developer, photographer, entrepreneur, streetwear enthusiast, and owner of Bound By Blood. Jason has a passion for all things creative.

Nikki Leonard - Strong Coffee Company
Strong Ambassador

Nikki Leonard

Crossfit competitor, fitness model, former NPC bikini competitor, with a background in soccer and gymnastics.

Kenny Santucci - Strong Coffee Company
Strong Ambassador

Kenny Santucci

Program Director & Creator of Body by Solace, a total conditioning program using bodyweight movements, kettlebells, rowers, and more.