STRONG Coffee is brand for people who aspire to reach their potential. This ethos is so heavily entrenched in our DNA that it’s even in our name. S.T.R.O.N.G. is actually an acronym:

Striving To Reach Our Natural Greatness.

We love coffee and we love getting sh!t done. With our first product, Caffe Latte, we’ve created the world’s premier on-the-go coffee drink mix, that is simultaneously revolutionizing instant and 3rd wave coffees.

Third wave coffee, often thought to require excessive amounts of time, labor, and gadgets to perfect, is the movement to make the world’s second largest commodity (behind only oil) a high quality, specialty food experience that resembles artisanal fare more than a gas station caffeine fix.

Strong Coffee brings that specialty coffee experience to consumers in a healthy, done-for-you premixed powder that includes instant organic coffee, grass-fed collagen protein, and MCT oil powder to fuel your mind and body for hours so you can spend more time and energy on the important things in life.

No Brewing. No Blending. No Bullsh!t.

Described as a “coffee flavored milkshake” by leading food blog Tasting Table, Strong Coffee’s opening flavor, Caffe Latte is dairy-free and contains 80% less sugar than the leading national brand latte. Later this year, Strong Coffee plans to release additional flavors in the Caffe Latte line, including Unsweetened and Matcha Latte.

Strong Coffee Caffe Latte About Caffe Latte


The delicious rich latte you crave, with the nutrients you need and all without the line or time-sucking prep. Whether you’re rushing out the door, moving at the gym or grinding at the office - STRONG makes it simple.

  • No need to brew your antioxidant-rich bean water, scoop your radiance supporting collagen, measure out your gut-friendly MCT oil or throwback that handful of supplements - we got you!
  • Hydration in your morning beverage? Yep, got that too. And so much more.
  • Caffe Latte was created to help you get your nutritional needs met in a tasty, quick & convenient way.
  • Strong’s first product in a series of well researched, game-changing & self-elevating products - created to help you be a better you in less than 30 seconds.

No Brewing. No Blending. No Bullsh!t.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to fuel you,






Our communities guiding light is S.I.P. A character who embodies the STRONG philosophy, whom Adam calls the “Jiminy cricket to your coffee consumption”. Through a combination and advancement of S.I.P we believe those who build, hustle, create, connect and/or move on their own terms are going to evoke the change needed to do epic things in this oversaturated world. We can either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. No one should live and die by the sidenotes, distractions and vicissitudes - life is to be grabbed by the horns and lived with purpose, difference maybe a little swagger.

Through strength, inspiration & progress we’re here to help you do something BOLD.


At STRONG we believe in telling it like it is. We’re a community who believes in hard work over hope, a community of doers and first steppers who know time is one of our most precious assets. By providing access to powerful products, knowledge, and people, STRONG is here to help you reach your own greatness by making sure the first thing you put in your body of the utmost quality, AND formulated to optimize your mind and body. You set out to earn your day - let us help you crush it!


We promise everything we deliver to you will be something that is not only scientifically backed, but free from fear mongering and trendy ingredients just for the sake of driving interest our way.

Brands based on pseudoscience run rampant with their non-claimy claims and we’re here to call B.S. We are not promoting what we like to call “empowered epistemology” - a way to make sense of the world based not on best possible evidence, but rather on evidence that gives you the strongest feelings of control. Many brands tap into the idea that they're giving you greater control so you think you're making the right decision, however what they're really doing is feeding you illusion to feed your ego.

We at STRONG are experimenters and doers by nature - looking to improve our mind, body & spirit on the daily so we can do epic things for the world. What's the purpose of the journey if you can’t give back? That said, we only want to provide you with the most innovative products that are known to work for the masses. While we enjoy the occasional namaste, and the woo-woo stuff is fun to explore - snake-oil salesmen we are not.

We’re also not saving lives (at least not yet anyway) but we are a community of folks who care about you and elevating your state. Our mission is to build a better you by doing our due diligence via our science-in-product mission.

It’s important to have someone at your six. We’re that someone.

About the Founder

Adam Von Rothfelder, our founder & CEO, has been in the health & fitness space for the last 18 years and has seen just about everything when it comes to successes and failures. Having trained some of America’s top CEO’s (Blake Mycoskie of TOMS), elite athletes (Ray Lewis, NFL; Joakim Noah, NBA), regular badasses all over the country and on NBC’s TV show Strong - Adam knows a thing or two about what it takes to not only get you to where you need to go, but to where you want to go.

Working with top-level performers he found many were too quick to jump on fads, gimmicks & trends to solve their nutrition, body composition & athletic needs. So many were undernourished, dehydrated and not hitting their max-output because they were grabbing coffee and a shitty carby breakfast thing in the morning, checking the “nutritious delicious” box and going on their merry way. But, as you know, the compounding stress of being a badass top-performer is daunting. In the words of Sir Cube you “gotta check yo self before yo wreck yourself”. High glucose + high cortisol is 100% no bueno for longevity or healthspan and pretty much makes you feel like a big-ol bag of sloppy burritos.

So, Adam set out to solve just that. And no, hot sauce was not the answer. Enter: a delicious as hell, time-saving solution to quality nutrition and energy with no downside. The first iteration of what will be a series of well researched, game-changing & self-elevating products from STRONG - our LATTE. Created to help you be a better f**cking you in less than 8 seconds. Whether your grind is on the court, gym, in the office, on a hike or at that side-hustle - STRONG was created to help you get your nutritional needs met in a tasty as f*ck, quick & convenient way. Honored to fuel you.

Founder & CEO, STRONG Coffee Company