S90 Fitness Program by Strong Coffee Company

What is S90?

Designed by former pro-MMA fighter, Versace model and Celebrity trainer Adam Von Rothfelder. S90 is a 90-day program that will help you develop your physique and physical prowess with a mixture of lifts and unique movements focused on helping you reduce your deficits, potential of injury while giving you the body of your dreams.

This program is made for the person with a little experience to the advanced lifter. After all, we are never experienced to learn or develop from great coaching.

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"After 18 years as a professional coach working with everyone from house moms to corporate billionaires and professional athletes I finally have created a "Fitness formula" to give almost anyone a unique and one of a kind workout that is made customizable to their goals while still developing full-body strength and better movement."

- Adam Von Rothfelder

Program Details

Session Duration: 90 days broken up into 3 mesocycles Architecture, Balance, Strength.

6 20 minute “Soft Skills” sessions per week. These sessions will focus on your mobility and mind body connection. Allowing for greater recovery and gains.

3 60 minute “Hard Skill” session per week. These are fully body training sessions w/ alternating focuses. This is where we focus on building muscle.

2 “focus” sessions a week. These sessions are customizable to help you work on your deficits. Whether you want to increase your mobility, abdominal definition or bigger “show me” muscles we got you covered.

Equipment needs: Your standard gym and Crossfit box will do perfectly.

S90 Fitness Program by Strong Coffee Company

Risk free trial

for 90 days

What You Get:

  • 90-Day Fitness Program
  • App Access through Train Heroic
  • 1 Multi-Serve Bag of Morning Fix or Daybreaker
  • Nutritional Guide
  • S90 Private Facebook Access

Strong Coffee

Receive one bag of “Morning Fix” or “Daybreaker,” our complete “nutritional coffees” that will help you start your day STRONG by giving you the ability to Re-energize, Recover and Rehydrate.

Morning Fix

Check out the ingredients:

Instant, Organic COFFEE

Rich in antioxidants, boosts metabolism

Grass-Fed Collagen Protein

Supports healthy joints, skin/hair/nails, and gut function

MCT + NeuroFactor

Cognitive fuel, metabolic function, and increased production of BDNF


Supports calm focus and memory

Hyaluronic Acid + Coconut Extract

Rejuvenates and hydrates skin, naturally balances electrolytes

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Best in Class Technology

Give your Personal Trainer a break

Train anytime, anywhere with our app that allows you to take your coach on the go!

STRONG Guidance

Better technique means better development. Complete instructional videos and clear voice over narration.


Track workouts lickity split. Say Bu-Bye to your notebook.


There are no stupid questions. Post questions and get feedback from coaches and fellow athletes.


Stay motivated by the numbers. With daily tracking, Leader boards, and training history you’ll get what you need to get where you’re going.


It’s ok to be proud of your hard work. There’s nothing wrong with being STRONG.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy just the program?

No. Not yet. And maybe never. Adam Von Rothfelder’s training is priceless and this programs true value exceeds the asking price many times over. Our goal is to have you connect and learn as a part of the community. Not just sell a program.

Will this program make me bulky?

No way, the only thing that makes you bulky is bad nutrition. That’s why we include the two bags of STRONG COFFEE to get you the nutrients you need.

Is the coffee strong tasting?

No. We know it’s a little confusing but we don’t make strong coffee, we make coffee that makes you STRONG.

What does STRONG stand for?

S-triving T-o R-each O-ur N-atural G-reatness

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