Immune Boosting with Strong Sleep Part 2

Immune Boosting with Strong Sleep Part 2

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Adam’s Six Steps to Strong Sleep

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In the first part of this article, we went over why sleep is so damn important.

Click here if you want to catch up on that information.

In Part 2 of Immune Boosting with Strong Sleep, we’re going to look at some practical solutions to get better sleep by, yours truly, Adam Von Rothfelder. I have a six-point guide that will help you catch some quality z’s.   


Let’s get to the sleep tips so you can combat trouble sleeping!   


Step 1: Eat Breakfast

 breakfast better sleep

The first of these simple tips starts with breakfast. That’s right! I know, I’m a rebel telling you to eat breakfast and not fast for the entire morning. Crazy idea, right? Allow me to explain.


This article in LA Weekly goes a lot more in-depth about why breakfast is essential for a good night’s sleep. I’ll give you the cliff notes here.


As human beings, we have this thing known as the circadian rhythm cycle. Interruptions with this cycle can result in serious sleep problems and sleep disorders. The cycle responds to daylight and food. That’s right! Food!


Your body has biological clocks. These clocks respond to light.


You also have peripheral circadian clocks, and these bad boys are everywhere. Food is a significant component that activates them. They make certain hormones are released at proper times, guiding you to that perfect place of sleepy heaven right before bedtime.  


So, if your eating habits are in line with the circadian cycle, your odds of maintaining a good sleep schedule go up.


That means avoiding big meals close to bedtime!


Step 2: Drink Coffee 

 Strong Coffee Company’s Black

Did you think I wasn’t going to bring up coffee?


Now I’m not talking about sugary bulls*&t drinks. I’m talking about getting some good-quality coffee in your system that will benefit you.


If only you knew a guy who was CEO of a coffee company that did just that… Oh, wait! That’s me!


If you love coffee, then Strong Coffee Company’s Black is for you! This unique mix gives you what you need to start the day and stay focused. It is packed with proven ingredients that will improve brain health and reduce cortisol (that pesky hormone that can cause weight gain if levels remain elevated).


You can also try our instant lattes!   Daybreaker, for example, is loaded with tons of nutritional benefits that will help you get in the right mindset to kickass throughout the day. These lattes not only help improve your brain health but also help with your body’s hydration. You can’t get that from your regular cup of Joe!


By drinking early in the morning with one of our coffees, you allow your body to release caffeine slowly. The mixture of MCT oil will give that slow-release that prevents the caffeine crash, and the L-theanine combined with the caffeine will help prevent the jitters.   


Combine this with a healthy, balanced breakfast, and you set your body up for success by getting in sync (not the band) with your body’s natural clock.


Drinking coffee before noon is a good idea as well. If you get in the habit of drinking way too late in the day, it could impact your sleep. Everyone is a little different. The important thing is to pay attention to how your body reacts and adjust accordingly.


Step 3:  Get that Sunshine

 sunshine for better sleep

Bright light exposure is a must! The sun is our friend so long as we don’t allow ourselves to get baked beneath it.


Natural sunlight during the day helps keep your circadian rhythm healthy. It can also help with seasonal depression when certain parts of the year don’t have as much sunlight as others. It improves daytime energy and will promote sleep.


It was found in this study that people who suffer from insomnia-related sleep problems improved the quality of their sleep and sleep duration by being exposed to daytime light. The time it took for participants to fall asleep fell by 83%!


If you can’t avoid being indoors for whatever reason, investing in an artificial bright light or bulbs that serve that purpose could help.


That said, try not to be a basement dweller. Get some sun!


Step 4: Workout before 2:00 PM

 early workout morning workout

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Let’s get this out of the way first: working out no matter what time of day it is, is essential! Fit it in when you can fit it in.


That said, I’d like to offer reasons why working out early in the day, or at least before 2:00 in the afternoon, is beneficial.


A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise found that women who worked out in the morning responded differently to photos of delicious-looking foods. The women that exercised showed more discipline and were less distracted by the idea of a morning treat.


Those who exercised in the morning also increased their daily activity overall versus those that didn’t exercise in the morning.


Another benefit to working out in the morning is an increased metabolism during the day, which means more calories burned throughout the day as you consume food.


Other studies suggest that working out in the evening could potentially create sleep problems.

As a human, your heart rate and body temp rise when you exercise. A lower body temperature is supposed to happen as you approach bedtime. This is a crucial signal to allow your body to get sleepy. Higher temp before bed can disrupt that.


Step 5: Block the Blue Light

 blue light blocker


Nighttime light exposure created the opposite effect of what we’re looking for. It’s been shown to increase body mass by shifting the timing of food intake. Remember those peripheral clocks we mentioned earlier? Yeah, they get messed with throwing the body’s timing out of whack.


Being exposed to blue light reduces melatonin, a hormone needed to signal your body that it is time to call it a day.


Electronic devices are known for having blue light. Smartphones are among the worst perpetrators of this. So what can you do?


The first thing you can do is probably the most obvious one. Stop using these devices two hours before bed. Your smart TV, smartphone, tablet, computer, etcetera… Grab an actual book if you must, but decrease that exposure.


So turn that s*!t off because you don’t need it on!


Not doable? Okay, next step then. Studies have found that wearing blue blocker glasses can help you from the impact of being exposed. Wear them if you must be on a device before bed.


You can also certain apps on your laptop, tablet, computer, and smartphone that block the blue light emitted from the device.


Step 6: Take Strong Sleep

 Strong Sleep - Strong Coffee Company


As the CEO of Strong Coffee Company, I care about my customers. I wanted products that help you on your journey to being the best you can be. Our coffee has certainly done that.


What about sleep?


What?! That’s crazy! You have a coffee company that has a product that will help you sleep? Sleep medicine?


Yes, I do. And I’d like to take a moment to talk about Strong Sleep.  


Strong Sleep is a supplement we developed designed to help you get a better night’s sleep. We have products that help you start the day right, and now we have a product that will help you end the day right.


We’ve put together a combination of ingredients that will help you sleep at night.



This adaptogen is known to help support healthy stress levels. KSM 66 is a full-spectrum variation of this supplement that has been studied for 14 years. Along with stress, it also aids with physical performance, memory, and cognitive function.



This anti-inflammatory compound helps protect the body during times of stress or injury. It is also known as a palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), an endogenous fatty acid produced by the body. Levels of PEA decrease as we get older, so this added component will help replenish.



It is often used as a standalone supplement and comes up when medical advice is given. When mixed with our other ingredients, it will help improve your sleep. It is easily absorbed in the body and can potentially reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. 


Valerian Root

Valerian (not the sci-fi movie) has been used for its calming effects throughout history.


Fun fact: The word Valerian is derived from the Latin verb valere, which means (means to be strong).


It contains compounds that help promote sleep and reduce anxiety. How it interacts with GABA is also noteworthy. GABA is a chemical messenger in your brain that aids in regulating nerve impulses to the old noggin and nervous system.



Astragin is amazing. It is the universal Lego piece. It improves the absorption of amino acids, glucose, and vitamins in the digestive tracts.



The pineal gland produces this hormone in your brain. This is a big one. It regulates your body’s circadian rhythm so your natural sleep cycle can occur. This is also a HUGE one for your immune system.


But wait! There’s more!


Melatonin is also involved in blood pressure and cortisol levels, and eye health and improves symptoms of seasonal depression.


Adam’s Verdict

 Adam Von Rothfelder CEO Strong Coffee Company

My verdict: Sleep is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. You’ll improve your immune system, your daytime activities, exercise routine, and cognitive function. So if you’re eating well and have your workout routine locked down and still don’t see the result you were hoping for, maybe you need to look at your sleep hygiene and habits. Try to get that healthy sleep.