2021 Crossfit Games with some STRONG Coffee!

2021 Crossfit Games with some STRONG Coffee!

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CrossFit Open 2021!

CrossFit Open 2021 CrossFit Games Olympic Weightlifting

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Safe, effective exercises and sound nutrition are the staples of CrossFit. This popular form of exercise is a lifestyle that involves making improvements no matter what level you’re at and doing so with a supportive network of like-minded people. Strength and conditioning is the name of the game, and I’m all about being STRONG.


With the 2021 CrossFit Open starting Thursday, March 11th, I thought it’d be nice to talk about what CrossFit is, who the contenders are for the 2021 games, and how Strong Coffee Company is an excellent fit for anyone involved in this life-changing approach to health.


What is CrossFit?


CrossFit was first conceived in 1996. It was later incorporated in 2000. Santa Cruz, California, is the home of the original CrossFit gym, and it has exploded all over the world since.


I’m a fan of functional movements and high-intensity workouts. I’ve shared some of my workouts on social media, and you can check out one of my workout programs here. That’s right, yours truly, Adam Von Rothfelder is still kicking ass with the training!

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That said, CrossFit is all about good movement. It combines aerobic exercises, Olympic weightlifting, and calisthenics (bodyweight exercises). This trifecta helps get your body moving well, fit, and STRONG. The 10 components that CrossFit aims to address are as follows: accuracy, balance, agility, coordination, speed, power, flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance.


Below are some basic terms you should get familiar with.

  • WOD: That means workout of the day.
  • The Whiteboard: This is where the WOD is typically displayed.
  • EMOM: That means every minute on the minute.
  • AMRAP: That means as many rounds as possible. (or reps)
  • Box: This is the term used for a CrossFit gym. A CrossFit box.
  • Metcon: This means metabolic conditioning. It is specific to endurance training.
  • GPP: (not to be confused with OPP!) This stands for general physical preparedness. It’s basically describing the level of your overall fitness.


What are the CrossFit Open Games?

The CrossFit Open is where the most elite athletes compete. We’re talking dedicated CrossFit athletes who train 4 to 6 hours a day to get to the necessary levels. These are people that have already gone through the qualification trials leading up to the event. 


The competition started in 2007. It hosts a wide variety of events. The physical challenges are typically not revealed to the competitors, emphasizing the need for good GPP (general physical preparedness).


Athletes will be looking at exercises dealing with metabolic conditioning, weightlifting, gymnastics movements, and other sports like swimming or cycling.


There are divisions included in the games. The main one consists of the individual division. This is where men and women compete individually.


Teams are also a part of the games. CrossFit affiliates are only allowed in the team division for the 2021 games.


Age is also a factor when ranking, and the masters and teens division was created. There are seven divisions for men and women of the following age brackets: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, and 65 and up. The age brackets for teens are 14-15 and 16-17.  


CrossFit has also added an adaptive division, which I think is fan-f&$cking-tastic! This division is for the hardworking athletes that kick major ass despite having any physical impairments.


Who are the CrossFit games contenders?


We’re going to look at some of the top male and female contenders for the 2021 Open. According to barbend.com, this is who you should be looking at.


For the Men’s Division:


  • Mat Fraser is undoubtedly considered one of the greatest CrossFit athletes out there. He is a former Olympic weightlifter and a four-time CrossFit Games champ. He holds the record for most event wins of any athlete, coming in at 29!
  • Justin Medeiros is a 21-year-old powerhouse who is hungry! He finished the 2020 games third.
  • Noah Ohlsen has been a consistent top finisher over the years. He finished eighth in 2014-2015, fifteenth in 2016, fourth in 2017, sixth in 2018, second in 2019, and fourth in 2020.
  • Samuel Kwant has overcome some serious injury, and that speaks to his mental fortitude. He finished sixteenth in 2016, twentieth in 2017, thirteenth in 2019, and second in 2020! That’s some significant improvement after his knee surgery in 2018!
  • Patrick Vellner has had three podium finishes and won the Open in 2020.


For the Women’s Division:


  • Melina Rodriguez made a name for herself at the Brazil CrossFit Championship. In the 2020 competition, she took first in Argentina and twenty-eighth worldwide!
  • Hale Adams is a 19-year-old powerhouse. Her first CrossFit Open was at the age of 14 in 2016, and she hasn’t finished lower than sixth place!
  • Kara Saunders is an Australian athlete ready to take on the world. She finished second in Australia in 2020 and twelfth worldwide.
  • Andrea Nisler started off in the team division in 2018. She participated in the women’s division in 2020 to rank third in the United States and fifteenth worldwide.
  • Sara Sigmundsdóttir is a top contender and is working for the trifecta! She won first in Iceland and worldwide in 2019 and 2020 for the women’s division.


Why STRONG Coffee and CrossFit?


STRONG Coffee Company and CrossFit were meant to be together. With CrossFit, you have people from all walks of life looking to improve their health and fitness. It stands to reason they would benefit from a coffee that does the same!


STRONG Coffee Company is loaded with everything you need to start your day healthily. Our instant lattes are packed full of the following:

 Strong Coffee Company Morning Fix CrossFit

  • Contains NeuroFactor ™ Coffee Arabica (Whole Fruit) Extract
  • Contains electrolytes and minerals to help you support optimal muscle and brain function
  • Hyaluronic Acid – great for your skin and joints and helps nutrients pass the blood-brain barrier
  • L-theanine – an amino acid that can counteract the jittery effects of caffeine and help with focus and memory
  • C8-C10 MCT Oil – helps with cognitive function and gut health
  • Grass-Fed Collagen Protein – this is great for hair, skin, joints, and digestion
  • Organic Colombian coffee. Lower in acidity than conventional coffee.


Morning Fix and Daybreaker are incredible pre-workout drinks. Check out this article where I get a little more in-depth with that.


And get this! Consuming 15 grams of collagen an hour before a workout will give you a better experience with your training by promoting collagen synthesis. You can find out more with this article.


Adam’s Verdict

 Adam Von Rothfelder CEO Strong Coffee Company

CrossFit has become a worldwide phenomenon. It welcomes athletes from all walks of life and is excellent for the average person looking to get healthier, stronger, and become more mobile.


Don’t let the stereotypes fool you! CrossFit won’t make you join a cult, and your risk of injury depends on the precautions you take. Do your research while sipping your STRONG Coffee Black, and find a local CrossFit affiliate that will walk you through a proper assessment. From there, drink your Daybreaker as a pre-workout and get to work!