Kitu Super Coffee ≠ Strong Coffee Company

Kitu Super Coffee ≠ Strong Coffee Company

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No, Kitu Super Coffee is NOT Strong Coffee Company


Say it with me: Kitu Super Coffee is not Strong Coffee Company. Need more? Fine. Let’s go over the differences between these two companies that get confused for each other.


Who is Kitu Super Coffee?

Kitu Super Coffee 

The Super Coffee company is the brainchild of three brothers Jordan, Jake, and Jim DeCicco. Jordan was an all-conference basketball player at Philadelphia University in 2015 (not to be typed supercoffee).  


Their healthier ingredients led to them outselling the Starbucks Frappuccino. They even landed on the ABC television show Shark Tank.  


Their drinks are promoted as being great for sustaining energy, healthier than your average coffee drink, and come in a variety of flavors and delivery methods.


Who is Strong Coffee Company?

 Adam Von Rothfelder Strong Coffee Company

Strong Coffee Company is the brainchild of CEO Adam Von Rothfelder. Adam is a former MMA fighter, Master Fitness Trainer (with a slew of celebrity clients under his belt), and a family man.


Strong Coffee Company creates products that help you reach your potential. This company has a CEO that genuinely cares about your health; Adam’s mentality as a trainer was carried over into his role as CEO, and it shows.


Their drinks are promoted as being healthier and helping your cognitive functions, hydration, and physical performance. 


What’s the Difference Between Strong Coffee and Super Coffee?


Let’s take a look at the ingredients for Strong Coffee and Super Coffee. We’re using Morning Fix from Strong Coffee and the Hazelnut Super Coffee as examples. We’re also using the Ground Hazelnut Super Coffee and the Hazelnut Super Coffee Creamer.


What they have in common:

  • Strong Coffee and Super Coffee both contain MCT Oil
  • They both contain caffeine
  • L-theanine (only found in the grounds for Super Coffee)
  • Gluten-Free


That’s pretty much it.


What’s different? I’m glad you asked.


Let’s be honest. Strong Coffee Company has a lot more bang for your buck nutritionally and from an environmental footprint perspective.


The nutritional content alone for Strong Coffee Company shows how much more you’re getting.  

  • You’re getting instant, organic coffee.
  • 15 grams of grass-fed collagen protein
  • C8-C10 MCT oil
  • L-theanine – a powerhouse of an amino acid
  • Hyaluronic Acid – 50mg to keep your skin and joints healthy along with getting nutrients to your brain
  • Electrolytes and minerals to help keep you hydrated
  • Organic NeuroFactor – 100mg that increases your BNDF levels 143%


That’s a lot of good s#!t!


The best part is it comes in one bag—no extra purchases with extra containers.


Kitu Super Coffee has a creamer, a ground coffee, and the packaged cold drinks. Each varies in terms of ingredients. L-theanine only comes in the ground coffee, as do the vitamins. 


So you buy the ground Super Coffee. That means filters, coffee maker, and taking more time in the morning. It doesn’t taste quite right or to your liking? You then spend money on the creamer. 


Don’t forget, you’re getting a lot of natural flavors in their product. That’s important because it’s one of those labels that is deceiving.


Natural flavors aren’t natural. They’re manufactured. They aren’t much different than artificial flavors in terms of their chemical makeup and impact on your overall health. 


Want cold coffee?


You buy the bottled coffee via online sales or at a store. You spend a lot on a drink brought to you in plastic containers. They hopefully get recycled but are probably tossed, adding to the plastic pollution the world is facing.


Let’s face it, producing plastic causes a lot of harm.


With Strong Coffee, you get an easily recyclable container and have the comfort of using your favorite cup or mug to mix, stir, and enjoy with a hot or cold liquid. It is ready to drink that fast!


There is no extra waste or different combination of products to get what your body needs.


I’d say it’s a no-brainer. Strong Coffee Company is friendlier to your wallet, the environment, and your body. So try and differentiate between the two because it makes sense to go STRONG or go home when comparing.