How does collagen impact your health?

How does collagen impact your health?

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Collagen Protein

Our bodies need certain proteins, like the collagen protein in order to function properly. The collagen protein is quite abundant in your body, as it makes up about thirty-five percent of the overall protein content in your body.

Collagen protein is the major connective tissue component and consists of amino acids that form triple helices, which later create elongated fibrils. It is present in the blood vessels, bones, muscles, skin tendons and digestive system. Therefore, it holds your body together by maintaining the integrity and structure of these areas.

Additionally, it interacts with other body cells through cell receptors, and replaces dead skin cells in the process. Unfortunately, its production in your body decreases as you grow old. While young, the adequate collagen protein levels keep your skin elastic and strong. The decreased levels in old age cause the sagging of skin.

The Best Collagen Protein

Collagen protein is available in an edible product that is highly concentrated, known as gelatine. It appears in gel and powder form. The powdered form, which the most consumed, is known as Collagen peptide or Collagen Hydrolysate is extracted from cattle hinds and contains about 90% protein content.

Collagen Protein Intake

The recommended dose for consuming edible collagen protein product is 2 tablespoons per day; one tablespoon in the morning or afternoon and one at night just before bed time.

Its consumption depends on its form. For example, if you prefer the gel form, you will have to purchase gelatin, which is cooked collagen, dried and put on powder form. The gel forms after mixing the powder with water. While in this form, you can consume after including it in pudding or homemade jello.

On the other hand, the collagen peptide, which does not gel, mixes easily with cold or hot liquids and beverages. Since it is both odorless and tasteless, you can consume it through water or soda.

7 Proven Benefits Of Collagen Protein

As technology in the current world advances, you will continually find collagen in treatments and beauty products. In this form, it makes stretch marks disappear, boosts your skin’s moisture, delivers envy-inducing hair growth and erases fine lines.

However, such products containing collagen protein cannot give you all the benefits that it has to offer. Therefore, you must consume it to enjoy the following proven benefits.

Alzheimer’s And Brain Protection

According to various studies, the type IV collagen prevents you from acquiring the Alzheimer’s disease. This illness is caused by the amyloid-beta proteins, which is an amino acid that clumps thus forming a plaque. Therefore, the collagen IV protects your brain against these proteins thus keeps off the disease.

For you to have ample protection, it is important that you increase collagen intake so that you can prevent your brain from attack, since the amyloid-beta proteins target the neurons and result to the illness.

Treatment And Prevention Of Heart Disease

Heart disease results from high ratio of cholesterol around the heart and the blood vessels. Therefore, it has been proven that collagen is quite helpful in reducing your cholesterol levels, thus preventing you from heart disease.

If you consume collagen at least twice a day, you will notice a change in about six months. First, your cholesterol ration will decrease significantly. Second, you will not experience plaque in your arteries. In case they had already built up, they will continually disappear with time.    

Treatment Of The Leaky Gut Syndrome

Your life could turn miserable if your stomach lining and digestive track become irritated and inflamed due to leaky gut syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome. These issues mostly arise due to prescription medication, poor diet, excessive alcohol or stress. They result into leaking of toxic substances into the blood stream.

Since mineral and vitamins go the wrong way, you could suffer from constipation, fatigue and bloating, among other problems. Fortunately the solution to this problem lies in the collagen IV found in bone broth. It contains bioavailable collagen that is absorbable in the body quite fast.

Ease Knee And Join Pain

Joint pain can happen to anybody, whether you walk all day or sit in an office. It affects athletes mostly since their joints are often active. However, collagen supplements have proven to reduce this pain significantly.

People without joint diseases experience lesser pain at rest, while lifting heavy weights and even standing after consuming these supplements. Additionally, those suffering from knee pain suffer less, as the collagen consumed increases the body’s ability to heal.




Reduced Back Pain

Collagen is very effective in reducing back pain, both for the upper and lower back. If you consume about 1200 milligrams of collagen on a daily basis, you are bound to experience the relief an about six months.

Improvement Of Skin Elasticity

Aside from taking a lot of water and limiting the amount of time that you spend under the sun, consuming collagen is helpful in keeping your skin healthy. It reduces aging and dryness, and improves skin moisture. This change takes place since collagen goes directly to your skin after consumption, through your blood stream.

Reduces Broken Nails

Broken nails are frustrating. However, consumption of collage on a daily basis could save you the stress, since it increases nail growth, reduces breakage of nails and results to the improvement of nails that were former brittle.

Effects On Connective Tissue

Connective tissue wears out often and requires regeneration on a regular basis. Collagen scaffolds are responsible for this regeneration through properties like permeability, hydrophilicity and pore structure.

Effects On Brain Health

As mentioned earlier, collagen protects the brain against the Alzheimer's disease, which is caused by amyloid-beta (Aβ) proteins. Collagen IV specifically protects the brain cells against this attack.


In conclusion, it seems that you can hardly survive without collagen protein. It is responsible for so many things whose functionality determines your survival. Due to these reasons, it is relevant to increase your collagen levels by consuming collagen supplements.

Boosting these collagen levels seems helpful in keep diseases away, repairing damaged body parts and improving the well working organs. Continuous consumption of collagen proteins seems to be the best way to go.