Are nootropics right for you?

Are nootropics right for you?

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Determining What Nootropics Are and Whether They Are Right For You

There is increasing popularity of brain boosters or smart drugs meant to give people a mental edge, especially on Ivy League campuses and in Silicon Valley and these drugs are probably Nootropics.

What are They?

Nootropics are any functional foods, supplements, nutraceuticals, or drugs that can help man to boost brain function. The brain is responsible for controlling the functioning of the entire body as well as its systems ranging from the nervous system to the digestive and circulatory system. The brain is also responsible for controlling emotional responses as well. Anyone suffering from any kind of addiction, depression, or anxiety can attribute it to an unhealthy condition of the brain. A healthy brain working to its best potential will definitely improve the functioning of the entire body.

What do They Do?

Nootropics are meant to enhance brain health to bring about improved performance, focus, and memory. Nootropics essentially enhance brain functioning by boosting signaling and production of different neurotransmitters. The brain is made up of a network of neurons all connected using synapses. The neurons all work together and communicate with each other via chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Efficient transmission of signals by these neurotransmitters is what causes improved attention spans, processing capability for mental work, mood elevation, memory, and concentration.

There are certain Nootropics developed for specific functions. Neurolace, for example, is designed specifically to increase one’s cognitive capabilities. Coffee is a well-known beverage that keeps you alert by stimulating the central nervous system all thanks to the caffeine present in it. The caffeine in coffee is only present in minute amounts so the alertness provided by a cup of coffee can only last for a few hours. Caffeine is a nootropic that if taken in a substantial dosage, can keep you stimulated and alert for longer periods.

Occasionally, it is normal to experience a feeling of low moods, burnout, or exhaustion at some juncture. However, if someone is constantly facing this kind of attitude, then this poses a problem. Multiple factors can affect brainpower ranging from polluted water, air, and food to poor diet, which can diminish the brain’s capabilities adversely. Nootropic use allows you to push your limits in terms of cognitive abilities and thus these drugs can help to unlock the brain’s full potential. This causes all the areas of the brain to work in harmony to achieve greater possibilities.

Continued supplementation of specific Nootropics can help you boost synaptic plasticity of the neurons, which in turn causes a lasting improvement to your brain functioning and health. Some nootropics cause a vasodilation effect thus enhancing blood flow to the brain and supplying it with increased glucose, nutrients, and oxygen. Glucose is the main source of energy used by the brain during extended concentration periods.

Staying alert, concentrating on tasks, learning new things, and conducting mental exercises throughout the day uses up a significant amount of energy. Increasing oxygenation and blood flow to the brain can help you immediately experience an enhanced mental capacity for focus and memory.

Nootropics can also present signs of neuro-protection and neuro-preservation as they have a direct effect on levels of brain chemicals linked to impeding the aging process. Other nootropics can lead to the increased production of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Nerve Growth Factor to encourage neurite and neuron growth. They also reduce the rate of damage in the process.

This can possibly slow down any signs of aging such as memory loss and prevent disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease from developing.

Are They Safe?

Nootropics are safe to consume if one follows the extensive research and professional guidelines associated with the primary nootropic substances. The belief about nootropics is that you would be able to develop the ideal cocktail or combination of these smart drugs to achieve exceptional performance and mental capacity results. However, to achieve this ideal combination, you may have to conduct some experimentation by trying various supplements and dosages or following the recommendation of a biohacker. This can increase the safety risks connected with taking nootropics, as you may have to go through a great number of nootropic substances to find the individual substances that work for you.

Risks Associated With Taking Them

  • If you want to enhance brain function long-term with chemical compounds and supplements, there is a risk that you could harm your brain mechanisms and chemistry. Nootropics are powerful substances and when used in the wrong combinations and dosages, you can increase your chances of damaging your brain long-term. This is why you need to seek advice from a licensed physician to obtain the ideal nootropics for you.
  • Most natural, modern nootropic supplements cannot be patented thus, most large drug manufacturers do not perform adequate research on interactions between these supplements and other drugs. There is sparse documentation involved and this is why you should consult with your doctor if you want to take any nootropic supplements while on any medication.
  • The mental energy factor is what sells most nootropics so most of the ones on the market comprise of some kind of stimulant. Stimulants are usually associated with problems of addiction, dependence, and tolerance.
  • There are physical side effects associated with nootropic usage such as insomnia, nausea, headaches, and stomachache. Every nootropic will its possible side effects, which can be increased with improper usage and improper combinations.

How To Take Them Safely

  • Check the nootropic supplement labels to see the ingredients included
  • Keep in mind that the best nootropics will take some time to assimilate into your system so you will not see the effects immediately. Some other nootropics also do not possess cumulative effects because their active ingredients are eliminated from the body easily meaning the effects do not last long.
  • Start slowly and go for basic nootropics first. Natural nootropics are herbal and offer natural advantages thus they are the safest kind of smart drugs to start taking. Choline supplements can affect cognitive abilities positively and have exhibited positive results in terms of learning and memory. Vitamin B derivatives keep you energized all through the day while allowing the body to run more efficiently. Choline and natural nootropics when combined can help one obtain desired performance results without risking personal safety.

There are so many nootropic brands out there and with the possibilities of risks, you are strongly advised to consult with your doctor and work closely with him or her if you begin a new supplement routine.