Brave & STRONG




33.9391° N, 67.7100° E <- Afghanistan coordinates 

This mug is about taking a stand together and helping those in need.

20 years ago we bravely entered Afghanistan in an effort to fight terrorism and help the good people of a beautiful but torn country.

In the last week decisions have been made that have disrupted the balance in Afghanistan causing the lives of many to be lost and put in harm.

In an effort to help the situation we have created this mug to represent our belief that we started with bravery and now we must finish STRONG. With each purchase we will donate 100% of the profits of this mug to “ALL THINGS POSSIBLE MINISTRIES” an organization associated with Victor Marx.

Here’s a message from Victor on the situation:

We want to begin by thanking everyone for their prayers and gifts to support ongoing efforts in getting Americans and vetted Afghan allies out of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

For every hour that passes, the Taliban builds more strength and confidence. Time is not on our side.

Each day, the Taliban tyranny grows.

But do not lose hope, miracles are happening by the minute.

Keep praying.

In addition to our direct support to help those in need, we are imploring the U.S. Government to activate a proper Noncombatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) immediately.