Instant, Organic COFFEE
Instant, Organic COFFEE
Grass-Fed Collagen Protein
Grass-Fed Collagen Protein
C8-C10 MCT Oil
Hyaluronic Acid + Coconut Extract
Hyaluronic Acid + Coconut Extract
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Daybreaker Instant Latte

12 Servings


Daybreaker Tasting Notes

You’re 31 Seconds Away From Breaking The Day Wide Open

As bold as you are, with the all kick you want and NONE of the downside

If you love an unsweetened latte, this is your jam. It’s dark, it’s powerful, and it’ll give you the boost you need in your day WITHOUT the jittery comedown feeling.

DAYBREAKER gives you a dose of caffeine to boost energy similar to your regular cup of joe, but we knew we could make it better. Check out the ingredients to learn more...

Scoop of Strong Coffee Daybreaker

High-quality single-origin Organic Colombian instant coffee. Lower in acid than conventional coffee and absolutely delicious.
To give Daybreaker a bold and earthy kick we double down with some delicious organic cocoa. Cocoa also contains antioxidants making it a functional ingredient as well.
What’s a strong mind without a strong body? 15 grams of Collagen to strengthen your hair, skin, and digestive function. Not only does this help improve joint health it also can replenish the collagen your body loses on a daily basis as part of the natural-but-oh-so-annoying aging process.
C8-C10 aka brain super fuel delivers energy and increases mental sharpness. MCT's naturally antibacterial and antifungal properties also help support gut health.
This powerhouse amino acid will help counteract the jittery effects of caffeine AND boost concentration, memory, and increased focus. The result is a laser-focused energy boost that helps you kick ass in a zen kind of way.
50mg to keep your skin glowing and your joints lubed up and primed for action, as well as helping nutrients pass the blood-brain barrier. Unfortunately, environmental toxins and ultraviolet rays can strip your body of this naturally occurring substance. So drink up buttercup.
As a principle building block, we add coconut water extract and Himalayan Sea Salt to support energy production and ensure you start each day with the minerals needed to support optimal muscle and brain function.
100 mg of this scientifically proven ingredient is extracted from organic coffeeberry (*where coffee comes from) and increases BDNF by 143%. BDNF helps support neuron growth and repair, learning, mood and wellbeing, and metabolic health. In other words, it's kind of like “Miracle-Gro” for your brain.


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