Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Coffee
Product Type:

Rechargeable Power Frother

Product Name:

Power Coffee Frother *matte black



Collectors edition STRONG Coffee box w/ Rechargeable frother & stainless steel whisp *includes USB charging cable


Whip your coffee into shape

Are you ready to feel the power?!

Our 1st ever rechargeable power frother is inspired by the famous tool company named after the same city where our founder Adam Von Rothfelder grew up.  Milwaukee has a rich heritage of hard work, and this frother meets its demands.

With single-touch action and 8000 RPMs, this frother will give your STRONG Coffee a perfect foamy head to your latte that you didn't even know you were missing.

Comes with:

Collectors edition STRONG Coffee hometown box

Rechargeable frother w/ stainless steel whisp

Whisp protective sleeve

USB charging cable