STRONG Sample Pack



Instant, Organic COFFEE

Rich in antioxidants, boosts metabolism

Grass-Fed Collagen Protein

Supports healthy joints, skin/hair/nails, and gut function


Cognitive fuel, metabolic function


Supports calm focus and memory

Hyaluronic Acid + Coconut Extract

Rejuvenates and hydrates skin, naturally balances electrolytes

*Limit one per customer

Mix one packet of Morning Fix or Daybreaker into 10 oz. of hot or cold water for a delicious low-no sugar* coffee experience wherever you are. Mix it. Sip it. Live it. It’s that simple!

Lactose Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Problem Free!

We fully disclose dosing of each active ingredient. We’re not a fan of “proprietary blends” and hold ourselves to the highest standard of transparency across all STRONG products.

L-theanine (150 mg)

  • Amino acid may attenuate caffeine-related jitters*
  • When combined with caffeine, L-theanine may support concentration and memory* 

Yielded MCTs (5 g)

  • 5 g of medium chain triglycerides to support normal cellular and metabolic function*
  • MCT’s are a preferred fuel source of the brain, supporting mental sharpness*

Collagen (15 g)

  • 15,000 mg of Types 1 and 3 collagen from grass-fed and grass-finished cows
  • Collagen is a vital component of healthy hair, skin, nails and digestive function*

Hyaluronic acid (50 mg)

  • A component of cartilage and joint fluid that supports healthy mobility*
  • Supports normal cellular hydration for youthful looking skin*

Organic freeze dried coconut water powder (500 mg)

  • Provides electrolytes that support energy production*
  • Contains minerals that promote normal muscle function*


Rise & Grind Stir. Go do something bold.

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